SgurrEnergy’s work place culture encourages its work strength to live by its values and deliver by the credo. We help cultivate an indefatigable spirit, which enables the employees to deliver to the highest degree of quality!

We are able to deliver the best grade of service with a workforce that is enthusiastic, thrilled and believes that excellence is a phenomenon of regular occurrence at SgurrEnergy.

SgurrEnergy recognizes efforts of every cog in the wheel that expends under the SgurrEnergy banner and therefore we consider it a responsibility to take care of our team by forming a supportive and accommodative work place environment.

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Why work with

The renewable energy sector is one of the fastest growing sectors, it offers quite a promising career and an opportunity to be associated with an industry that is crusading against one of the biggest threats to the existence of life on earth.

SgurrEnergy’s enormous experience in the renewable energy sector has caused it to grow phenomenally, we have delivered projects in more than 40 countries around the globe, with 90+ experts and a continuously growing team.

SgurrEnergy offers tremendous career opportunities for professional development. Whether you join us a recent graduate, or an experienced professional, your contributions will be equally valued, you will find yourself at a place that allows you to explore and find a career path that helps you fulfil your goals.

We continually invite skilled candidates to submit an up-to-date resume for consideration. A variety of excellent job opportunities exist – one may be right for you. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our consulting team, then click here to submit your resume.


Every employee at SgurrEnergy can avail from a galore of Benefits we have to offer:


and Inclusion

SgurrEnergy believes that diversity creates a vibrant workplace, where people from different backgrounds come together and team-up to accomplish a common goal. We value everyone’s thoughts and insights, and are inclusive in nature. Criteria to work at SgurrEnergy is simple, curiosity combined with enthusiasm for renewables and a certain level of competency.


We do not have a complex hierarchical structure where people at the helm are not easily accessible. We have a flat structure with people at responsible positions are accessible and quite approachable.


We organize and conduct numerous fun events for employees as a way of recreation. Having an engaged team creates better a work culture, increases efficiency and creates a livelier work place.


A comfortable workplace with adequate room for social distancing, we strictly adhere to all HSE norms to ensure our workplace is safe. Besides, we celebrate festivals and occasions, every achievement and milestone, big and small, keeping a cheerful and exciting workplace to keep employees from boredom.



Employee welfare is important to us, as an anxious mind will never be able to deliver to full potential. A comprehensive healthcare plan leaves the employee of one worry less, thereby allowing the employee to work at peace.

Family Health


SgurrEnergy provides supplementary insurance coverage for employees who travel for company business. Accidental Insurance program protects you financially in the case of an accident.

Special Sick

SgurrEnergy understands basic needs of the employees, in case an employee is afflicted by health issues, SgurrEnergy provides Special Sick Leaves to the employee to recuperate from the illness.


Women employees working with the organization are eligible for legally approved leaves. It is intended to safeguard the health of mother and child and also help mothers take the time they need so they can come back to the job ready to work.


Becoming a parent is a life transforming event in everyone’s life. SgurrEnergy allows new parents to take time from their work and welcome the new born in their life, celebrate the occasion and accustom to their new life regime.


Time Off


SgurrEnergy believes all its team members are committed and responsible towards their work. We offer flexible working hours to accommodate everyone’s schedule, we believe this enables a content workplace culture and a better relationship between the employee and the organization.

Work from
Home (WFH)

As the world has undergone some paradigm changes and WFH has emerged as one of the most significant change of the times, a global reset has consequentially witnessed the unfolding of a hybrid work model between home and office, SgurrEnergy has allowed employees to choose a mode of their convenience to tend to their responsibilities while continuing to work.

Work Life

In this fast-paced, highly competitive world, everyone is subjected to stress which leads to mental fragility. SgurrEnergy is aware and understands the fierce and demanding challenges of the modern times. Hence, we work from Monday to Friday and allow 2 days of relaxation for a more focused, productive, healthier and happier employee.


SgurrEnergy organizes an annual recreational trip for its employees to break away from daily work and allow the mind to immerse into tranquility. An opportunity for the members to bond over hobbies and discuss other aspects of life they are passionate about.


Our annual leaves increase incrementally over successful completion of every year of service.


Reward & Support


While SgurrEnergy respects every effort that expends under its banner, we also recognize and appreciate every worthwhile effort and reward it amply.

New Employee
Referral Bonus

With a plethora of challenges and predicaments on the hiring front, finding talent and potential has become hard. We offer referral bonuses to employees who participate in the growth of the company by referring the best candidates to our office, as a gesture of gratitude.


We celebrate employee career milestones, long term commitment and extraordinary achievements and reward them adequately.


Hardships are a part of everyone’s lives. At SgurrEnergy, we provide interest-free loans to reduce the burden on employees during their difficult time.


Engineers working at site get a special workmanship coverage which gives the employee financial support in case of an accident at site.


A bi-annual review of performance allows for setting of goals and ensuring that we have accomplished our previous ones, gives a sense of accomplishment to everyone on board.


We Invest in Our Teams


As we value everyone on board, we care about your development, SgurrEnergy has ensured a culture and eco-system of growth for everyone with curiosity to learn. SgurrEnergy also provides professional training to its employees, we have a holistic approach in developing and building our workforce.


As new technologies emerge faster than ever and the world moves at a break-neck pace, upgrading skills timely is important, and to employ and leverage from these technologies gives benefit to both the employee and the organization. SgurrEnergy organizes educational trainings for all disciplines within the organization.


With fresh talent that joins the team, we provide a mentor-buddy system that helps the new joiners to cope up and learn to become more independent while doing their work. A very friendly approach designed to cater to the new recruits on board.


Employees with an academic interest in courses can apply to courses of their interest. SgurrEnergy covers all the exam fees and related expenses regarding the course.


Overcoming challenges is an indicator of growth, SgurrEnergy provides everyone ample of opportunities to engage in challenging work, provide individual insights and solutions to solve a problem. New hires are put into a Development Program which is designed to facilitate transition into the corporate work structure.


For fresh recruits we offer a holistic training, ensuring comprehensive development of the employee. SgurrEnergy offers a whole host of training programs for overall development of its employees that equip them with all the necessary technical and social skills to accomplish their work and grow in their career.

What our employees say…

Senior Project Engineer, Energy Advisory

If you like working with others to solve challenging problems in a fast-paced environment, then working for SgurrEnergy will be a great fit. We work with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as with people and organisations from various countries. I have been part of the SgurrEnergy team for over five years and have enjoyed every minute of it. The management has a great ability to tap the potential in its employees and put them in a place where they can succeed. You get a chance to grow with your own efforts and dream big. This gives you an immense opportunity to exercise your abilities, reaffirm yourself and contribute to a growing industry. It is my privilege to work with a group of very talented, motivated individuals who are ready to lend advice, share knowledge, and help perform to the best of one’s ability. Overall, it has been an absolute pleasure to be associated with SgurrEnergy.

Senior Project Engineer, Energy Advisory

Senior Project Engineer, Structures

SgurrEnergy is an academia, where I learnt immensely and have grown as an engineer and developed a strong technical acumen. The management has institutionalized a well-developed mentor-mentee system which ensures growth of everyone, regular trainings and programs have kept me abreast with latest technological developments in the industry. In a nutshell, SgurrEnergy is truly an equal opportunity employer that fosters a healthy work environment.

Senior Project Engineer, Structures

Executive Business Development

A culture that enables unleashing one’s true potential, a place where you are guided by a framework and a leadership that provides leeway for creativity. SgurrEnergy is a place where efforts get due recognition and are amply rewarded. This is the place that marks the change in trajectory of my professional career. A place that has instilled me with confidence, helped me become a better professional and has geared me up for the challenges of the industry!

Executive Business Development

Principal Engineer

I joined SgurrEnergy in 2011, and got an opportunity to work in Solar PV projects, with my major contribution in design of PV plants. I am extremely grateful to SgurrEnergy for enhancing my skills and expertise, which in turn helped me to contribute value to Indian Solar Industry.

Principal Engineer

Manager – Business Development

"After graduating, I got into the engineering design industry so joining SgurrEnergy has given me an opportunity to shape my career and re-engage with my initial passion for renewable energy. The company’s culture exudes energy, passion and commitment which makes it a great place to work and the whole team is like an extended family. I get to work with a wealth of smart and capable people from teams across the globe and it’s great to be able to tap into their expertise, while being given the freedom to try new things, particularly in the Indian market."

Manager – Business Development

Divisional Manager

It's been 8 years in SgurrEnergy India and it has been an incredible experience. I worked my way up from project engineer to divisional manger leading a team. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it provides conducive working environment in which people can develop and make a difference. I am looking forward to many more years with SgurrEnergy contributing to the growth of the organization.

Divisional Manager - Advisory

Project Engineer

“At the most experienced solar consultancy in the country there’s always a wealth of knowledge that goes around. Couple that with some amazing colleagues and a friendly ether and you get a wonderful and enriching working environment. The chance to work with the leading consultants in the industry is a rewarding experience!”

Project Engineer

Divisional Manager

“SgurrEnergy is the leading solar consultancy with excellent delivery quality and support. I am proud to be part of SgurrEnergy Team.”

Divisional Manager

Project Engineer

“As I am an Environmental engineer, my passion to contribute to Renewable energy sector is getting fulfilled at SgurrEnergy. I have got a great amount of exposure and great learning experience working with overseas clients.”

Project Engineer

Senior Project Engineer

“It’s a great place to work! There are so many reasons to be associated with SgurrEnergy; Flexible work schedules, great co-workers, friendly environment and great in-house training opportunities. I am really glad to be part of such renowned consultancy.”

Senior Project Engineer

Project Engineer

“I am working with SgurrEnergy since last three years and it has been a wonderful learning experience.”

Project Engineer

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