At SgurrEnergy we believe in making a difference to the society, for betterment and welfare of the communities we live in, even in the smallest possible way

SgurrCares has pledged 10% of its annual profits for the welfare of the society. We intend to help people in need, and bring about change in the lives of the under privileged in all the ways we can.

Giving is not about making donation, it’s about making a difference

Some of
our CSR

Clothes Donation Drive

Clothes Donation Drive

A week-long donation drive initiative was taken up by SgurrEnergy recently. We contributed to Goodwill India Enterprise with clothes. We thank all the donors for making this initiative a success. Goodwill India Enterprise on its way to making a social transformation has made a significant impact on many lives. We are happy that we could contribute in our own little way. Hope to take more such initiatives in the near future.

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COVID-19 (Corona virus) Safety Mask Distribution

COVID-19 (Corona virus) Safety Mask Distribution

The novel virus took the entire world by storm and wreaked havoc for people all over. Realizing the efficiency of safety of face masks as the best precaution, SgurrEnergy helped senior citizens in an old age home, a Roti Bank NGO, a police station and a traffic police station by distributing hundreds of N95 grade face masks. From the people who cared to people who care, these diverse mix of angels are what we owe our lives to!

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Sangli Flood Relief

Sangli Flood Relief

The recent floods in Maharashtra disturbed the routine life of people while causing colossal damages.

SgurrEnergy family realized this distressed situation and came forward with their initiative to help with flood relief. Our team of 10 visited 6 remote villages in the heavily affected district of Sangli to help school students to get back to their education by providing school bags, notebook sets, compass boxes with pens and pencils.

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Traffic awareness campaign

Traffic awareness

SgurrEnergy participated in traffic awareness campaign
organized by Deepastambha Charitable Trust to spread the message on road safety.

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Clothing drive

Clothing drive

SgurrEnergy created an opportunity for all employees to extend their happiness to the less fortunate, by donating unused or used clothing in good condition to Niwara Old Age Home.

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Kerala relief fund drive

Kerala relief
fund drive

SgurrEnergy’s employees donated their one day salary to help people in Kerala to rebuild the lives of people in the state.
This amount was handed over to Sakal Relief fund .

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globe clean

Let’s go green to keep our globe clean

Plastic Clean up drive

SgurrEnergy joined hands with Greenpeace India to collect plastic waste at Parvati Hill Pune. This drive collection was then handed over to Rudra Environmental Solution India Ltd. They have been successful in getting rid of non-degradable polymer waste by Gasolysis process and generating poly fuel from such plastic waste.

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