Meet us in Johannesburg!

Our renewable engineering can help you take green energy to every last African. 3GW+ Delivered.

    Meet us in Johannesburg!

    Our renewable engineering can help you take green energy to every last African. 3GW+ Delivered

      Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg

       18 To 20 March 2024

      Stand No: B32

      The Solar & Storage Show Africa

      The Solar & Storage Live event stands out as a beacon of innovation, fostering dialogue and progress towards a sustainable energy landscape. Experience the vibrant exhibition, meticulously curated to showcase the synergy between traditional energy generation, eco-conscious innovations, and renewable energy solutions.
      Join us as we unite under one roof to explore new horizons, exchange ideas, and chart the course towards a brighter, more sustainable future for Africa. Welcome to the exhibition – where innovation meets impact, and the energy revolution begins.

      About Us

      We are helping transform Africa with renewable energy engineering tailored to African conditions. Solar, wind, energy storage and microgrids promise to deliver reliable access to electricity to every African and we have so far engineered more than 3GW in operational capacity in Africa. We regularly attend events like Solar And Storage live Africa 2024 as a leading solar consultant in Kenya.

      Our Business Segments

      Solar PV

      Offering complete solar consultancy services for a bankable solar PV project

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      Floating Solar PV

      Devising robust solutions to harness sun's energy on the surface of water

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      Energy Storage

      Enhancing Renewable Energy penetration through Storage and Dispatch

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      Hybrids & Microgrids

      Bespoke Solutions for each use-case

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      Power System Studies

      Increasing reliability, stability and resilience

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      Green Hydrogen

      The insatiable energy appetite of this world is faced with the challenge

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      EHV Engineering & Substation Design

      Engineering and designing for reliability, sustainability and resilience.

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      Environmental Engineering

      Ecologically responsible soultions, designed in harmony with the environment

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      Wind Energy

      Wind Power plants are a group of turbines installed in a specific geographical area

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      Your vision, our engineering, a sustainable future