Quality Assurance is the most critical aspect of any infrastructure project, however, it’s often overlooked and utility-scale solar PV power projects are no exception. Several reasons for negligence essentially includes challenging deadlines, cost control and quality lapses leading to underperformance of equipment in solar PV projects.

As a result, there is a rising need to assess and check the quality of a PV plant by an independent consultant to ensure quality assurance of various components of the project from inception to commissioning and construction.

Complete Quality Check

The essence of conducting a quality check is primarily safety, quality and performance of all the PV plant components including PV modules, module mounting systems, inverters, transformers, electrical switchgears etc. Our quality assurance services are tailor-made and can ensure implementation according to mutually agreed specifications and in compliance with the relevant industry standards.

We provide extended support to developers, lenders, contractors and manufacturers. Thorough quality assurance procedures set out for various components; from raw materials to finished goods to plant facility and assets, help in minimizing the risk associated with defective products and services.

Our proficiency – Your benefits

With our global experience of over 33GW of solar PV projects, we inspect all components comprising a solar PV plant.

Our exhaustive factory inspection and quality check process helps in project development through:

  • Early detection of defective components, which in turn saves time and avoid project delays.
  • Equipments performance enhancement and durability over the project life.
  • Reduction in potential revenue loss due to delays and unwanted downtime.
  • Increasing investors' confidence and project bankability.

Our Service Offerings:

Component Level of Bankability Studies

We conduct independent bankability studies and factory audits for key project components like PV modules, inverters and tracker systems to ensure bankability of the solar project for manufactures, developers and lenders/ investors.

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Construction Quality Assurance

Along with the component level quality control, we also provide independent on-site quality assurance services during the construction phase.

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PV Module Inspection services

We ensures the best components are used in manufacturing modules.

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Balance of Systems (BOS) components

We provide pre-dispatch material inspection services.

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