Component level bankability studies

Selecting the right components is a critical task for project developers and investors since selection criteria demands component bankability for investment confidence. In simple terms, before investing in a solar PV project, investors need to evaluate:

  • Component level track record and long term performance.
  • The degree of financial risk involved.
  • Manufacturing processes and improvements.

This information helps developers/ investors to select potential vendors, who can meet the expected performance, reliability and durability requirements. Furthermore, the outcome of bankability studies and audits provide potential improvement areas for manufacturers.

Solar consultants play a vital role by assisting investors and manufacturers, with complete due diligence and independent reports to assure quality and bankability.

Project component evaluation

We are proficient at performing due diligence studies in ensuring proper equipment selection and reducing investment risk. Over the years, our clients have tremendously preferred us for Bankability studies. Featuring on Bloomberg New Finance list of top consultants for solar developers and investors only serves to reaffirm our proficiency in this industry.

Our proficiency – Your benefits

  • Our vendor and product bankability review the manufacturers’ track record and product development program as we believe the latter is essential to sustain within the solar industry which is getting competitive by the day.
  • We leverage our experience to assess the vendors manufacturing processes, products and post production support against internationally accepted practices and quality standards. Through the assessment, our intended clients are able to gauge the quality of shortlisted product while quantifying the long term risk associated with procuring the same.

Our services include:

We conduct a detailed independent bankability study through a combination of review of technical documentation, factory inspections, interviews of key technical and management staff and technical query correspondence.

We help the clients in the following:

Solar PV Equipment

Assessment tasks undertaken


  • Track record
  • Review of technical characteristics
  • Certification
  • R&D
  • Reliability review
  • Factory inspection
  • Manufacturing process
  • Raw material
  • Supply chain management
  • Packing and storage
  • Testing
  • Long-term reliability test
  • After sales support
  • Warranty and claim management
  • Spares*
  • Third party testing and on-field
  • Financial strength
  • Team experience


*Not for PV modules




Electrical Switchboards

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