Solar BoS primarily comprises of capital equipment like module mounting structures, inverters, transformers, electrical panels, SCADA, cables, etc. and form approx. 40% of the overall project costs, but are usually overlooked during the inspections. In today’s competitive solar market the project developers and EPCs have tremendous pressure of completing the project in a tight schedule and the BOS components are often not inspected at factory level. These components therefore has high likelihood of quality and performance issues which may lead to complete plant failure.

It is recommended to have a rigorous material pre-dispatch inspection process consisting of complete Inspection and testing prior to dispatch of any capital component ensuring the manufacturing is completed within appropriate levels of design, testing, quality and performance.

SgurrEnergy’s Support

Our domain expertise of solar power projects coupled with our knowledge of various BoS components enables us to provide pre-dispatch material inspection services.

We have helped develop various BOS manufacturers to produce consistent quality products by control of process parameters acceptable by industry standards and norms.

Our Proficiency -Your Benefits

  • We have robust vendor assessment and inspection process which enables us to opine on the capabilities of various component manufacturers. This is reflected from our pre-qualified list of vendors which is widely recognised by leading developers and EPC contractors.
  • We leverage our experience of inspecting BOS components for over 5GW of solar PV projects providing confidence to our clients regarding the quality and performance of the components.
  • We provide material pre-dispatch inspection certificates (MDCC) for all BOS components after diligent verification of the test results of BOS component at manufacturing facility and compare with the results of tests conducted on-field.
  • We conduct root-cause analysis of BOS components failure on-field resulting in accelerated eradication of failures witnessed on-field.

Our services include:

To ensure the material quality prior to dispatch, we assist developers / EPC by witnessing BoS component testing at OEM place. The findings from the testing is translated into testing and inspection report which is referred as a compliance document for clearing the material dispatch to site.

Factory Audits

  • We conduct factory audit of various manufacturing facilities prior to approval of equipment/ component for the project. The audit is intended to verify compliances to quality, health, safety and environmental and social responsibility requirements.
  • After an audit, SgurrEnergy issues an approval to the vendor for the specific component such as Transformers, Inverters and HT Switchgear panels with corrective measures required if any.

Inspection at OEM

  • SgurrEnergy deputes experienced engineers for the inspection of capital components like Module Mounting Structure (MMS), Inverter duty transformers, LV/MV panels, Inverters, String monitoring box, SCADA, EHV Switchyard equipment and materials at original equipment manufacturers (OEM) place.
  • We have stringent Testing and quality assurance programs at OEM place to maintain equipment standards as per project specifications and design requirements.
  • SgurrEnergy would specify the criteria of inspection as per internal process and would ask manufacturer to perform the same for quality assurance.
  • Upon successful completion of testing and quality inspection, SgurrEnergy prepares the inspection report indicating the critical observation during the inspection and essential compliance required from material/equipment manufacturer before dispatch.

Material Dispatch Clearance Certificate

  • SgurrEnergy upon successful review of approved QAP, GTP and drawings along with RMTC, inspection reports, calibration reports of testing equipment and compliances from the manufacturer issues material dispatch clearance certificate (MDCC).
  • SgurrEnergy reviews all the documents highlighted above and test reports of inspection for confirming the technical compliances of equipment under test with respect to approved QAP, GTP and Drawings ensures the material being delivered on site is quality compliant and will help EPC and client to implement the project as per approved specifications.

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