Power Evacuation Studies means, plans for evacuating power generated from any power plant to utility grid or load centre. The objective of the studies is usually to assess the feasibility of various technical aspects.

Power Evacuation Feasibility

SgurrEnergy’s experienced Electrical team can perform this evacuation studies and can ensure the energy flow from the solar power plant is evacuated into the Utility Grid. With our deep understanding of the utility grid network, our team can prepare complete feasibility report. This study helps to review the grid quality, identify the key issues and provide possible mitigations for reliable interconnection of the proposed solar PV plant.

Our proficiency – Your benefits

Advisory Services Benefit
  • We understand solar coinciding power better than others.
  • Integrated specialist teams that works from solar resource assessment, energy yields right through to power evacuation.

Our scope of work

  • Conducting an analysis on the availability of solar power, along with the review of maximum and minimum demand and continuous base load on the substation during generation hours.
  • Review of local regulations and applicable grid codes.
  • Review of technical constraints under normal operating condition.
  • Review of grid availability and quality reports.
  • Review of active and reactive loading on the substation network and the transformers.
  • Review of system fault study reports and recommendations / suggestions by the local authority for the project.
  • Review of voltage and frequency variation patterns during the solar generating hours.
  • Reviewing the adequacy of the existing upstream transmission lines and substation.
  • Review of climatic conditions, wind and seismic zone and suggestion on the evacuation line conductor and line carrying concept.
  • Identifying of suitable/feasible evacuation schemes for interconnecting proposed solar PV plant following all the above reviews with suggestions on the mitigation measures.
  • Providing an indicative schematic of the transmission line and the interconnection scheme.
  • Providing a high level energy yield loss % on account of evacuation line, variation grid parameters and downtime.

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