Planning, construction and operational phases of solar projects are prone to risk of inadequate drainage and flooding. Remote location and large size of the solar projects require extensive use of drains and culverts. Hydrology studies are required to evaluate the flood risk and drainage requirements at the project sites.`

Comprehensive hydrology assessments

SgurrEnergy ensures that such risks are quantified and that appropriate drainage designs are prepared. SgurrEnergy has experience working with project portfolio demanding extensive flood risk assessments and drainage plans during the design phase and performed successful flood risk analysis for the solar PV power plants.

Our proficiency – Your benefits

Advisory Services Benefit

Our in-house team has significant experience in hydraulic modelling and risk assessment of flooding and we offer assistance

  • To optimise design quality, in order to reduce potential risks associated with project infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Baseline Analysis: We review the relevant data of previous flood events in the project’s catchment or nearby areas.
  • Establish Catchment Characteristics: Catchment characteristics such as run-off and natural stream network are established using leading software such as QGIS, HEC RAS, HEC-HMS and Civil 3D. These characteristics are further scrutinised for flood analysis and suitable drainage design.
  • Meteorological Analysis: Analysis of rainfall data gathered from nearby gauge station or satellite based TRMM data to ascertain flood conditions at site and nearby area.
  • Hydrological Analysis: The hydrology analysis is conducted to derive flood peak hydrographs and frequency analysis to identify the magnitude of extreme storm events for the return periods specified.
  • Storm water drains/culverts design: Based on the parameters such as rainfall intensity, run-off, catchment area, run-off coefficient, existing soil condition, drain out fall location etc. derived from hydrology study we plan the plant layout and prepare designs for storm water drains and culverts.

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