As the solar PV tariffs are going down in recent years, there is constant pressure on developers to reduce the cost of the solar project. Due to which there has been many cases where structure designs are compromised by using light weight structures, poor material selection etc. Such structures may fail and will not last for the entire life. Hence there is a need of a careful review of designs, materials and manufacturing methodologies to ensure structure durability.

Adept structural design services

Our team of civil and structural engineers has a significant depth of experience, and this is reflected in the quality of our advice and design services.

Working in tandem with our other engineering teams, or independently on bespoke civil engineering projects, we advise developers, lenders and investors on the feasibility, design, engineering, construction and delivery of projects.

Our proficiency – Your benefits

Advisory Services Benefit

Our civil engineers team can very meticulously design and minimize construction costs and can assist through providing:

  • Complete optimization of design for maximum durability and yield output.
  • Support for addressing engineering challenges to avoid cost overruns, delays or contractual claims.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical and site investigation review.
  • Contract specifications for civil and structural aspects and evaluation of bids.
  • Design and engineering/ review of:
    • Module mounting system (fixed and trackers).
    • Mounting system foundation design.
    • Transformer foundations.
    • Indoor and outdoor inverter stations.
    • Main control room.
    • Sub-station structures and foundations.
    • Transmission lines structures and foundations.
  • Factory inspections for structural components.
  • Due diligence/technical advisory services on civil aspects.

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