Testing and pre-commissioning is the process to confirm the quality of installed PV project. Testing process is to ensures that plant is constructed as per design specification and expected to work effectively and safely.

At times, in an effort to adhere to stringent timelines for project completion and commissioning, there work of poor quality may be performed during execution of the project. Therefore, a complete inspection and testing prior commissioning of the plant is essentially required to ensure expected quality, performance and safety has been delivered.

Testing can also determine future risks and issues from any critical component of the plant that may impact the performance of the plant, which can lead to project's reliability and bankability.

SgurrEnergy’s Support

We provide commissioning and system integration support in coordination with EPC contractors and equipment supplier to ensure plant safety and successful operation.

Beyond pre-commission tests, we carry out additional tests such as DC Capacity test, PR test, thermographic analysis of solar modules,  IV curve measurements for modules and strings, study and assessment of energy generation including comparison and correlation with on-site weather stations measurements and satellite based data.

Our services include:

To ensure the construction quality, we assist developers produce testing checklist and documents required while performing testing activity.

Our services primarily include:

  • Witnessing on- site tests equipment to ensure its satisfactory working.
  • Witnessing of performance guarantee tests and certification process.
  • Witnessing of testing of all earthing system including test on individual earth pit.
  • Inspection of all inverters and SCB termination and Voc measurement.
  • Witnessing tests on switchyard equipment.
  • SCADA and Weather monitoring Station (WMS) Review.
  • Review of relay setting of the major equipment.
  • Testing and operation of fire alarm system.

We also conduct independent tests such as:

  • Peak Power Measurement / String Output Evaluation: Performed on a sample modules and strings, we measure the I-V characteristics curve and ascertain the peak power, open circuit voltage, short circuit current and the fill factor.
  • Irradiation Monitoring Equipment Validation: It is conducted to ascertain suitability and reliability of irradiation monitoring sensor.
  • Performance Ratio Test: This test is conducted to verify that the power plant is performing at or above an agreed performance ratio.

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