After the feasibility of the project is established, there comes a need of evaluating and selecting the EPC or specialized contractors, with proven capabilities to perform the engineering, procurement, and construction of solar PV projects of the developers. And for this major requirement, solar engineering consultants extend bid management services to review contracts for ensuring these are complete, consistent and technically sound and in return can help selecting the best EPC or specialized contractors for the project.

Complete EPC bid support during pre-construction

SgurrEnergy provides bid process management services for selecting turnkey EPC or specialized contractors for the project. We are known for managing multi-split contracts by taking up the integration responsibilities that benefits the project developers.

We have several success stories to demonstrate our capabilities of handling multi-split contracts and procurement support by providing our detailed engineering services to projects such as Adani’s 648MW in the Kamuthi village of South India.

Our Proficiency -Your Benefits

Advisory Services Benefit

To meet the project developer’s requirement we ensure:

  • Pre-qualification of bidders.
  • A comprehensive RFP documentation with technical specifications following the local and standard codal compliances.
  • A detailed selection process through acceptable benchmarks sets.
  • A fair and complete bid analysis process benefiting the project.
  • Adequate technical support in contract finalization.

Our services include:

Request for Proposal (RFPs) Documentation

Our team prepares the RFPs for inviting bids from turnkey EPC or multi-split specialized contractors. These majorly covers project brief, basic designs, sizing requirements and general technical specifications. Typically our RFPs include:

  • Project overview.
  • Project start-up and functional requirements.
  • Scope of work.
  • Contractor and owner’s basic obligations.
  • Division of responsibilities between the owner and contractor.
  • Project warranties and plant performance benchmarks.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Project performance guarantees.
  • Defects liability period.
  • Project acceptance criteria.

EPC contractor selection support

We assist our clients in prequalifying the contractors for bidding on the basis of their capabilities, track record, experience, expertise and financial strengths. We then run the bidding process for shortlisting the most appropriate contractors for the project. Our proposal evaluation, helps clients to identify the risk allocated to each case and how to manage the risk adequately.

Our support essentially helps the developers choose the best contractors for developing their solar PV project.

Contractual support

We extend support through reviewing the key contractual elements, we ensure:

  • Completeness of scope for capital equipment supply, installation and commissioning.
  • Completeness of scope for BOP (Balance of Plant) supply, installation and commissioning.
  • Performance monitoring and performance guarantees.
  • Warranty periods and extent of warranty cover.
  • Service period, scope and length of service agreement.
  • Contractual provisions for testing and acceptance, including performance tests after completion.
  • Adequacy of liquidated damages provisions, and limits of liability in the event of performance shortfalls.

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