On completion of the feasibility analysis of a solar PV project wherein the basic design and project implementation strategies are established with necessary approvals/permits/agreements in place, the solar power project moves into its next phase which is Detailed Engineering.

Multi-disciplinary engineering

We enable project developers to leverage the benefits of split contract structure for developing solar power projects. We extend complete engineering services right from DC side electrical engineering, infrastructure, structures, AC side engineering and upto substation engineering.

We have provided Detailed Engineering for over 7GW of solar projects in various countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Vietnam, USA, Egypt and other African countries.

Our Proficiency -Your Benefits

  • Value engineering is centric to all our detailed engineering offerings.
  • Accurate project designing ensures project is optimized for least CAPEX.

Our services include:

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services which reflects our understanding of the requirements for developing a solar PV plant.

System Design and Basic Engineering

Basic engineering is carried out based on the selected plant components. The key electrical systems, civil structural and infrastructure systems are conceptualized following the tender designs and specifications:

  • Overall layout including string and module grouping, module orientation and inclination, row spacing, cable plans, nominal power ratio sizing, inverter and substation design.
  • DC side Electrical system design right from the PV module to the inverter inputs. This essentially include sizing of connectors, connection boxes, string combiner boxes, DC distribution boards, DC cable run lengths and sizes.
  • AC side Electrical system designs from the inverter output to the grid interconnection and metering point. This will essentially include the LV/MV and MV/HV transformers, grid connection schematics and metering.
  • Surrounding obstacles to assess shading impact.
  • Review of geotechnical investigations.
  • Review of topographic surveys.
  • Review of hydrology studies.
  • Assessment of support structure foundations, buildings, roads and infrastructure required for implementation and operation.
  • Site security and access.
  • Control and monitoring systems.

Detailed Engineering

Our team prepares the designs, project engineering and execution drawings in conjunction to the technical specifications, design criteria and procedures, best of engineering codes and standard engineering practices for a utility scale solar PV plant.

In the process of our detailed engineering services, our team performs reviews of the selected equipment and drawings received from various suppliers and contractors, and coordinates the release of various construction drawings for site execution.

Infrastructure Planning

Entire infrastructure for the solar PV plant is designed in accordance to the EPC contract, best engineering codes and standard engineering practices for a utility scale solar PV plant.

  • Overall planning of PV plant layout.
  • Access Road and Internal Pathways.
  • Plant boundary.
  • Levelling and grading.
  • Storm water drainage system.
  • Water Supply & storage system.
  • Cabling routes and substation location.
  • Firefighting and protection systems.
  • Security and vigilance system.

Electrical Engineering

The electrical systems are designed following the latest standards and codes. This includes equipment required for protection, earthing and interconnection to the grid.

  • Overall plant layout.
  • Plant stringing layout.
  • Junction box locations and cabling layouts.
  • Overall single line diagrams.
  • DC and AC detailed schematics.
  • Plant layout with equipment detailed.
  • Auxiliary power requirements.
  • AC and DC cabling schedules.
  • Short circuit calculations and equipment sizing.
  • Monitoring system cabling.
  • Review of selected component data sheets.
  • Relay and metering panel protection settings.
  • Component sizing (eg. battery, cable etc.).
  • Co-ordination calculations.
  • Interface engineering.
  • External lighting.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Basic system architecture for SCADA System.

Structural and Civil Engineering

The civil engineering systems is designed following the latest codes and standards.

  • Solar PV mounting structure foundation designs and drawings for trackers.
  • Inverter stations including Inverter shelters / canopy.
  • Inverter foundations.
  • Combiner box fixing arrangements and foundations.
  • LV & MV switchgear foundations.
  • Various transformer foundations.
  • Main control room.
  • Auxiliary transformer foundation.
  • Water tanks.
  • Interface engineering with substation contractor.

Project Execution Support

With our extensive experience in conducting construction monitoring on renewable energy projects, we carry out site progress inspections, quality audits, witness testing of key commissioning and project milestone completions.

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