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SgurrEnergy differentiates itself as an engineering consultant with a strong technical background; a 360° service provider capable of successfully delivering projects while being introduced at any stage of the project life-cycle.

Detailed Engineering for Adani Green Energy, 648MW, India
Detailed Engineering for Adani Green Energy, 648MW, India
Detailed Engineering for Joules Power Limited, 20MW, Bangladesh
Detailed Engineering for Joules Power Limited, 20MW, Bangladesh
Detailed Engineering for Wartsila Gulf FZE, 40MW, Jordan
Detailed Engineering for Wartsila Gulf FZE, 40MW, Jordan
Owner's Engineering for Engie, 200MW, India
Owner's Engineering for Engie, 200MW, India
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SgurrEnergy is committed to achieving the global vision of a carbon-neutral planet. To that end, we offer unparalleled multidisciplinary engineering expertise in the development of renewable energy projects and ensuring the highest quality while adhering to strict budget constraints, completing projects on time, with favorable project economics.


SgurrEnergy is committed to achieving the global vision of a carbon-neutral planet. To that end, we offer unparalleled multidisciplinary engineering expertise in the development of renewable energy projects and ensuring the highest quality while adhering to strict budget constraints, completing projects on time, with favorable project economics.

We’ve been enabling governments, utilities and businesses worldwide, realize their green energy goals.

Developers get their projects right the first time

EPC Contractors to optimize the projects by means of value engineering to save costs

Owners of existing projects improve the yield from under-performing assets

Those funding, selling or buying projects by delivering rigorous due diligence

Solar PV

With a proven track record of delivering several projects globally, SgurrEnergy is highly proficient and competent in executing projects. As big enterprises are entering the solar landscape along with prominent financial corporations that see a lucrative business case and are willing to finance solar projects, holds quite a promise for Solar PVs future.

Solar PV

Discovering new frontiers in the quest to find sustainable solutions has always been an engineer’s pursuit. SgurrEnergy has specialist in-house capabilities to successfully address the challenges of a relatively new frontier in the Solar PV segment.

Energy Storage

SgurrEnergy’s storage analysis division uses state of art technology and software packages in performing stationary storage analysis. Maintaining and managing the grid is a herculean task, the challenges and predicament it brings along are quite demanding and requires comprehensive and prompt solutions

Hybrid & Microgrid

SgurrEnergy has an adept understanding of the fast changing energy landscape. With ever changing configurations and mix of various power generating sources, brings along a plethora of challenges. Hybrid solutions came into being, particularly to address the intermittent nature of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES).


Hailed as a future fuel, hydrogen has a tremendous potential as a source of energy. Being the most inflammable element on earth, designing engineering solutions comes with its own challenges. Hydrogen is a great alternative to the conventional fossil fuels, which gives only water as a by—product on combustion.

Power System

The electrical authorities around the globe have made various electric grid codes that need to be complied by all the parties involved in generating, operating, transmitting, with relatively more inclusion of renewables into the energy mix, designing a resilient electrical infrastructure is crucial.


Transmission & Distribution continues to be a critical strategic asset for both utilities and individual owners. It becomes a vital link between the end-user and the utility, giving rise to grid modernization taking many forms across the industry, thereby enabling numerous new capabilities.


A strong proponent of channelizing efforts and providing solutions to safeguard the environment is the crux of the organization. Addressing the climate emergency is becoming the foremost priority of nations worldwide, complex environmental regulations have come into place to protect any further deterioration of the climate.

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Owner’s Engineering


We would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved in this project directly or indirectly for their relentless efforts and support to achieve this milestone. The team had done a great job starting from Preliminary Design Engineering till completion of Review Engineering. Despite the pandemic and remote working challenges, the response to the deliverables and completion of engineering activities was commendable. Thanks for your unwavering commitment and support to complete and commission this project successfully.

- Engineering ETSG


Joules Power Limited
Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh

Detailed Engineering and Project Management


This is a huge accomplishment for Bangladesh. We are extremely gratified with our decision, of having SgurrEnergy India, as our Solar Engineering consultants, for our Company’s dream project.

- Managing Director

GMR Group

GMR Group
GMR Charanka Solar Project

Owner’s Engineering


The agnostic and rational analysis of technologies that SgurrEnergy prepared helped us select the right technology and configuration for the project. In an industry where there is a trend to overpromise energy values, I am happy to say that the actual energy generation from our project is in fact inline and slightly higher than the theoretical one predicted by SgurrEnergy, shows that a pragmatic energy value you utilized for DPR has now positioned our project as a better performing one.

- General Manager, Strategic Planning

Adani Power

Adani Green Energy
Kamuthi Solar Power Project

Detailed Engineering


We selected SgurrEnergy India after evaluating a number of consultants as we quickly understood that they had both the capabilities to execute on a project of this scale, but also the local experience and resources.


Atha Group

Atha Group
Portfolio projects across India

Owner’s Engineering and Project Management services


We are working with SgurrEnergy India for the last 5 years for all our solar PV projects in India. We have found them to be very knowledgeable and experienced in the way they opine on the design and engineering of solar PV projects. There service has been world class and I consider them to be best in the solar industry.

- Engineering Manager

Rattan India

Rattan India
Portfolio of projects across India

Owners engineering services


We had extremely beneficial and fruitful association with SgurrEnergy’s entire team. Although it was our first association, we never felt that we are working with a new team as the interactions with SgurrEnergy team were very good from the initial stages of the project. I really appreciate their straightforwardness while providing technical opinion on any issue we raised. I wish SgurrEnergy team all the best success and hope the team continues to shine…. Always…!

- Engineering Manager



Bankability Study

SgurrEnergy did one of our studies for a project in India, and they put me to work digging up documentation. It was rigorous as any study we have had performed elsewhere. It was the real deal.

- Senior Marketing Director

Madhav Infra

Madhav Infra
Portfolio of projects across in India

Detailed Engineering


SgurrEnergy India was involved in all our Solar PV plants. We are satisfied with the level of services provided by SgurrEnergy and would like to thank their team for being professional and dedicated during the entire duration of engagement. We are happy to recommend SgurrEnergy and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

- General Manager


CleanMax 108MWp Lalganj U.P. &
10MWp Gujarat

Hydrology Study and Flood Risk Assessment

Hydrology plays a very vital role in design of Solar PV plant, SgurrEnergy provides great service in terms of Hydrology & Flood Risk Assessment.
We appreciate the quality of report provided by SgurrEnergy, their accurate and adept services have enabled us to formulate our mitigation measures.
We thank SgurrEnergy for their relentless support and look forward to collaborate on future projects.

- Assistant Manager, Design & Engineering

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WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2022! Visit us at WETEX and Dubai Solar Show 2022! WETEX and the Dubai Solar Show, organized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), are in keeping with Dubai's mission to develop a sustainable future for the Emirate and is held annually under the directive of HH Sheikh Mohammed...

SECI Tender

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Optimization of Drainage Systems on Solar PV

Optimization of Drainage Systems on Solar PV The most effective use of a storm drainage system can be carried out by optimization. By considering the environmental and topographical condition at project site, significance and probability of flood risk, most optimized way of storm drainage system can be adopted. In a Low lying solar PV project...

Mitigations or Remedial Measures to be adopted in Solar PV

Mitigations or Remedial Measures to be adopted in Solar PV Low lying site- Runoff water may not discharge effectively by gravity from low lying area. Therefore, rainfall with small intensity or small duration may lead to significant depth of flooding or significant inundated area at such locations. If there is no waterbody nearby the project...