Construction management

Our expert team monitors the delivery of construction work on large utility-scale developments and advises the client on whether work is being carried out in compliance with the EPC contract, in line with the planned schedule and to an industry-standard quality. We have in-house electrical, civil, environmental and health and safety teams to provide specialist support alongside our dedicated solar team.

We conduct construction monitoring services entirely to the requirements of the project, with site visits coinciding with key EPC milestone events.

Provisional acceptance verification

In order to verify that the EPC contractor has achieved provisional acceptance, SgurrEnergy offers a variety of services including:

  • Document review
  • Visual acceptance
  • Technical acceptance
  • Witnessing the commissioning, plant testing and issue of take-over certificates
  • Performance evaluation from analysis of data from the functional testing period

Performance evaluation is an important part of provisional acceptance and we are able to assess the plant performance ratio and availability to validate compliance with the guarantees in the EPC contract.

Final acceptance verification

Final acceptance verification is the final stage in the development of a solar PV plant and it is important to ensure the EPC contractor has completed works to a high standard and that the plant is performing as expected.

We can provide this verification through a number of options including:

  • Site visit noting any defects and reviewing condition of the plant assets
  • Review of O&M contractor reports
  • Review of plant operational data confirming actual versus expected output
  • Review of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities