Onshore wind

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With over 40% of Europe’s wind energy resource, the UK has a vast untapped supply of cheap and sustainable energy. Recent changes in government policy, together with ongoing advances in wind turbine technology, have made wind farm development on all scales an increasingly attractive proposition. At SgurrEnergy, we want to promote wind farm development as an option for everyone, from large corporations to farmers and rural communities.

SgurrEnergy provides a range of wind monitoring services, including met masts and remote sensing technology, to assess the wind energy potential at prospective sites, civil and geotechnical engineering, electrical engineering and acts as technical advisor at any stage of your onshore wind project. In addition, SgurrEnergy is one of a small number of internationally recognised advisors delivering due diligence services to banks and finance houses investing in onshore wind projects.

SgurrEnergy delivers a comprehensive package of consultancy and implementation services covering the entire project lifecycle of wind development:

  • Feasibility, including site selection and detailed feasibility studies
  • Development, including environmental services, met masts and  mast installation, and remote sensing services
  • Engineering and procurement including civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services
  • Construction management
  • Active asset management including site and data management and technology services
  • Due diligence including financial, technical, legal and commercial services

For more information on our onshore capabilities, view case studies of our onshore wind projects or download our Onshore wind brochure.