Hydro power offers a source of electricity generation which is sustainable, has low costs and low maintenance.

Electricity can potentially be generated wherever there is a difference in level of moving water. The potential resource which Scotland has for the development of hydro power is well known and many large scale schemes have been in place for a number of years.

Technological developments have more recently opened up significant opportunities for the development of low head hydro power not only in Scotland but worldwide. Low head hydro requires less of a difference in water level than has traditionally been required, and this means that electricity generation is feasible from smaller water courses which are in abundance.

SgurrEnergy can offer the following services to assist in the development of all hydro schemes:

  • Desktop pre-feasibility studies
  • Initial site and resource assessment
  • Detailed feasibility study
  • Energy yield prediction
  • Environmental assessment
  • Planning applications
  • System design

There are also a number of existing hydro schemes that have fallen into disrepair or are in need of refurbishment.

SgurrEnergy has the expertise to inspect these schemes and develop a rehabilitation or refurbishment package in order to make use of the existing infrastructure.

In addition, we can also assist in implementing projects.

  • Providing project management through construction phase
  • Installation or construction supervision
  • Operation and ongoing maintenance.

Get in touch with us to find out how SgurrEnergy can assist in the development of your hydro project.