Noise and vibration are intimately linked and noise experienced far from its source often originates in vibration. SgurrEnergy has an experienced team who can monitor vibration in machinery, diagnose its cause, and recommend mitigation treatment to ensure that noise and vibration does not become a hazard.

Structural vibration

Machinery noise can often be caused by structural vibration so to ensure that environmental noise levels are at a safe standard, this vibration must be treated appropriately. Vibration levels and frequencies can also be key to machinery health monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Our specialist noise and vibration engineers have considerable experience in measuring vibration levels and vibration transmission paths, on large and complex machinery installations.

We can advise on mounting systems, flexible pipe bellows, and other measures, to control vibration. This helps to protect the machinery itself and to prevent the vibration exciting airborne noise, which escapes into the environment.

Vibration in the workplace

Employers and employees have a legal duty to monitor noise and vibration levels within the workplace. Vibration is the most common cause of Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB) and where appropriate, employers are required to have a survey of tool vibration levels conducted by a specialist to mitigate any risk of employee injury.

SgurrEnergy can undertake a noise and vibration survey, which often involves a visit to the workplace and interviews employees. This will help to assess how much time staff typically spend at specific workstations, doing specific tasks, and using specific tools.

From this, we can then measure hand-arm vibration (HAV) from each machine in turn, calculate total dosages and recommend mitigation where appropriate to ensure that staff are exposed to minimal vibration levels.

For more information on our noise and vibration services, get in touch with the team.