Met mast services

Met mast

SgurrEnergy can support you through every stage of your wind resource assessment from initial site visits through to mast and instrumentation supply and installation to data recovery, reporting and decommissioning.

Our range of met mast services includes:

  • Site visit and desktop studies for mast siting
  • Planning application
  • Equipment specification and procurement or rental
  • Project management interaction with client, landowner and contractors
  • Health & safety requirements
  • International mast installation and commissioning
  • Data recovery and monthly reporting, tailored to client requirements
  • Maintenance and mast health check
  • Remote power and communication systems

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Mast installation team

SgurrEnergy’s in-house mast installation team are expertly trained to provide complete control of all installation works on your wind farm site.

Our installation team will ensure that no matter your choice of wind monitoring mast, it will be installed to the highest of safety standards.

Having the team in-house allows SgurrEnergy to pass on a number of benefits to clients including:

  • Prevention of high installation costs from subcontractors
  • Tighter control on lead times of the project
  • Improved lines of communication throughout the project

SgurrEnergy mast installation team members are:

  • Accredited to UKAS 17025 (IEC 61400) standards
  • IOSH trained (site supervisors)
  • Fully health, safety and first aid trained
  • Logger experts
  • Ideally located to deliver a UK-wide installation service

Data recovery and monthly reporting

SgurrEnergy have an in-house team of data analysts who can provide expert processing, screening and archiving of data from on and offshore measurement equipment including met masts and remote sensing devices. Data is downloaded three times a week via remote communication system. Data quality will be screened regularly and appended to the site dataset.

Preventative maintenance data checks will also be carried out three times a week, paying close attention to the operational data.

Monthly interim reporting is delivered via email and includes a monthly trend data sheet, report screen log and maintenance issues log, the report also includes the following:

  • Summary data sheet showing monthly trends graph to date
  • Wind speed frequency distribution
  • Turbulence intensity
  • Wind rose
  • Diurnal variation in wind speed
  • Diurnal variation in wind sheer
  • Time series charts of wind speed and direction

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