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We consult on all renewable energy sectors, technologies and products, providing services for each stage of the project lifecycle and sometimes, if you’re looking for something specific, it’s hard to find! That’s why we’ve created this all services and products page to ensure that you can find what you’re looking for.

We’ve broken down the high level of services that we offer, but our capabilities are not limited to this alone. To find out more about these services and products, either click on the relevant links below or contact us to find out more about how our bespoke range of services can work for your development.

Feasibility and development

  • Site selection
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Feasibility study.

Environmental services

Environmental impact assessment (EIA)

Noise and vibration services


Met masts


Computational fluid dynamics (wind)

  • Complex topography
  • Forested sites
  • Wake analysis to optimise wind farm layout

Computational fluid dynamics (wave and tidal)

  • Tidal stream resource assessment
  • Optimisation of tidal array design and configuration
  • Assessment of tidal turbine influence on fluid flow environment and energy extraction
  • Examination of tidal turbine blade loading effect.

Technical advisor

  • Technology assessments
  • Grid connection, electrical and communications infrastructure specification
  • Transport assessments and civil infrastructure specification
  • Turbine supply and balance of plant contract specification and review
  • Tender assessment support
  • Safety management
  • Construction management and site supervision
  • Witnessing acceptance tests
  • Power performance assessment
  • Technical audit.

Mechanical engineering

  • Technical review
  • Supplier review
  • Contract specification review
  • Quality planning and quality management review
  • Witnessing installation and commissioning.

Electrical engineering

  • Power systems analysis
  • Contract specification review
  • Technical review
  • Electrical and control systems expertise
  • Grid connection
  • SCADA systems and integration
  • Electrical and communications infrastructure design, specification and review
  • Grid code compliance
  • Review and submission of grid connection application
  • Generation of procurement specifications and lists of materials
  • Management of User Data Library (UDL) submission.

Civil engineering

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Transport assessments including swept path analysis
  • Civil infrastructure specification and review
  • Review and assessment of foundation design
  • Review and assessment of hydrological studies.

Project management

  • Procurement
  • Tendering
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical evaluations leading to selection of preferred contractors
  • Contracting
  • Financial close support
  • Health and safety.

Construction management

  • Project management, owner’s engineer and independent engineer services
  • Contract review and enforcement of condition
  • Review of contractors’ design and documentation
  • On-site construction monitoring
  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Witnessing of key tests (on and off site)
  • Technical engineering advice
  • Built to specifications comparisons
  • Health, safety and environmental services
  • Expert witness services.

Active asset management


Due diligence

Health and safety

  • Project health and safety reviews
  • Conduct and support design reviews
  • Full client CDM advisor services
  • Vendor assessments
  • Health and safety audits
  • Health and safety inspections
  • Construction phase plan development
  • Incident investigations
  • Risk assessments
  • Planning and mobilisation assessments
  • Development and implementation of a project health and safety management system
  • Development and review of risk assessments and Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)
  • Facilitation of risk and lesson learnt workshops
  • Health and safety training.

Community renewables

  • Initial site survey and feasibility
  • Detailed design
  • Planning consents
  • Grid connection application
  • Financing advice, including grant support
  • Construction management
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Advice on local use of community-generated energy.

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