Inspection services

Inspection services

Inspection forms a key part of keeping operational assets healthy and optimally performing, from snagging through to end of warranty inspections.

SgurrEnergy is able to deploy teams of experienced inspectors to carry out detailed visual inspections of the wind turbines. Detailed electro-mechanical inspections of all components and systems are conducted by our experienced engineers in the most non-intrusive way, avoiding disassembly other than removing inspection doors, hatches or ports. The following areas form a standard inspection regime:

  • Foundation Inspection
  • Tower
  • Nacelle
  • Hub
  • General safety
  • Blades (internal and external)
  • Gearbox
  • Oil sampling and analysis.

Wind farm control

SgurrEnergy’s engineers are qualified in working at height and blade and hub access and undertake all inspections with health and safety in mind.

Whether ground-based or rope access blade inspections, work is carried out safely with a high degree of quality and accuracy and inspection engineers are in constant contact with our 24/7 control centre.
Early detection of damage, wear and tear, and degradation means that regular inspections are advised to achieve minimal repair costs, limited downtime and maximum opportunity for energy generation.

Proactively inspecting wind turbine components throughout the lifecycle of the asset will allow for early detection of issues and give an overall impression of the health of the wind turbine. These results can then form part of an overall optimisation campaign to drive performance improvements across a project.

End of warranty or end of contract inspections are conducted by SgurrEnergy to assess the condition of vital components of wind turbines before the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty period comes to an end or the maintenance provider’s contract is complete.

The findings of these inspections can then be used to resolve maintenance and warranty issues with a view to agreeing post-warranty service and maintenance plans.

For more information on inspection services that SgurrEnergy offers, get in touch.