24/7 Control Centre

SgurrEnergy’s control centre is a 24/7 technical support hub providing site owners with an all-encompassing asset management service for operational portfolios.

We manage your site to ensure:

  • Remote asset/site monitoring 24/7
  • Optimal site performance management
  • Quick identification of problems
  • Reduction of downtime and lost revenue
  • Site and asset management to strict health and safety law.

Our expert staff and state-of-the-art technology combine to offer highly effective control, monitoring and management for onshore, offshore wind and solar projects, and associated site contractors.

Picture6With proven, dedicated in-house tools such as SgurrSCADA and SgurrTrend, control centre staff optimise asset performance and keep onsite work controlled.

Using SgurrControlCentre allows clear visibility of operational and performance related issues as they happen, ensuring a proactive management approach that in turn will reduce asset downtime and maximise production.

Features of the 24-hour control centre include:

  • Wind turbine safety rules (WTSR) operational control
  • Contractor monitoring and site access
  • Weather monitoring
  • Outage notification
  • HV management
  • Operational data review
  • Operation reporting
  • Advanced analytical reporting
  • National Grid balancing mechanism and trading function
  • BoP coordination
  • SCADA data review and storage.

To find out how SgurrControlCentre can support your portfolio, or to discover more about our operational asset services:

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