Active asset management

Actibe asset managemtnt

The performance of a project relies on owners and operators considering all aspects of asset management. SgurrEnergy’s active asset management is a suite of wind-related optimisation tools which work together to optimise performance, yield and return on investment.

Active asset management

As a complete package, active asset management takes into account everything from 24/7 monitoring through to hands-on maintenance, and commercial operation support, providing an optimisation feedback loop for continual improvement.

Our active asset management services include:

  • Technical asset management
    • 24/7 Control Centre
    • Trading control point
    • SgurrPerformance
    • Wind turbine maintenance and repair
    • Inspection services
    • Site management.
  • Financial and commercial asset management
  • SgurrOptimiser
    • Forestry restructuring
    • Static yaw error correction
    • Aerodynamic improvements.

For more information about our active asset management capabilities, get in touch, or to read more about specific asset management services, explore the links below.