wind farm with snowy hills in background

Wind turbine controller upgrades – In-service turbine performance optimisation and energy yield maximisation.

TurbineAdvance provides control solutions that boost the performance of your turbines and help to extend their operating life.

A majority of wind power plants in the U.S. and worldwide face the problem of underperformance compared to design estimations. In recent years there have been technical advances to improve wind turbine performance and enhance the reliability of the energy supplied to the grid. SgurrControl, part of SgurrEnergy, has expertise to rectify existing technical shortcomings, to increase productivity and to reduce operational costs, maximizing returns to wind farm owners.

Drawing on our expert knowledge and commercial turbine control system experience, our TurbineAdvance solution includes design and implementation of new control algorithms on existing turbines to provide higher power capture, lower loads and fewer failures.

SgurrControl´s highly experienced team of wind turbine control engineers help identify root causes of faults or problems such as:

  • Lost production due to poor power curves
  • Excessive loads causing blade, gearbox or other drive train failures
  • Over-speed and over-power problems
  • Poorly performing pitch, torque and yaw control.

SgurrControl determines the functional and operational improvements required and provides the optimum controller solution. Upgrades are realised using new control algorithms with existing turbine sensors and actuators and will run on either auxiliary or full replacement hardware. Maintenance and long-term technical support are provided for the remaining lifetime of the turbines.

Depending on the unique requirements of each site and wind turbine model, TurbineAdvance controller upgrade solutions can include:

  • ATLAS – individual blade control
  • SgurrControl turbine controllers
  • SgurrEnergy’s Galion Lidar solution

TurbineAdvance is available with a flexible, outcome-based commercial offering and applying to wind turbine assets will maximise their performance and reduce operational and maintenance costs, improving turbine efficiency and energy yield.