Aerodynamic improvements

Wind turbine & clouds

Many wind turbine blade enhancement technologies have been developed in recent years, designed to increase wind farm yield, and in some cases reduce noise. Many of these are available as retrofit solutions, including aerodynamically designed wind turbine blade add-on components such as vortex generators. We recommend that the options are carefully considered.

If any blade enhancement solutions are planned for your wind farm it is also recommended that a benchmarking program be designed and implemented at a single turbine or a small subset of turbines, to ensure that any gains in aerodynamic performance are proven.

By deploying Galion Lidar, and using advanced analytical techniques, it is possible to accurately quantify the achieved performance gain from such technologies at the trial turbine(s), in a robust and defendable manner, thereby underpinning the investment case for their deployment across the wind farm as a whole.

In SgurrEnergy’s experience, certain aerodynamic blade enhancement technologies can make significant improvements on wind farm yield, up to 3%, and are therefore represent a good opportunity for optimisation.

SgurrEnergy has a suite of measures which enhance the production and performance of operating wind assets. These measures cover control, aerodynamic and environmental improvements and can, in combination, deliver between 5% and 12% enhancement at a typical windfarm. We are ready to perform an initial assessment at any site which will determine an optimisation strategy, designed to maximise return on investment for the wind farm owner.

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