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With over 14 years experience in the renewable energy industry across 90 countries and six continents, SgurrEnergy has worked on a range of projects, from small remote power solutions of a few hundred kilowatts, right up to some of the world’s largest renewable energy developments.

Use the interactive map above to find out more information on specific global projects that we’ve worked on and the search filter on the right to see our technology-specific projects.

operational asset management

Optimisation | Forestry restructuring | Onshore wind | SgurrOptimiser

Scandinavian wind farm optimisation

April 4, 2017

Many Scandinavian wind farms face a number of challenges including high levels of turbulence and wind shear from surrounding forestry and the impact of blade icing, and this wind farm was no different, experiencing these effects also.  The owner approached SgurrEnergy to deliver SgurrOptimiser services to the wind farm.

Client: Confidential
Location: Scandinavia
Capacity: Confidential
Service: SgurrOptimisation – forestry restructuring

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Shams Ma'an solar PV plant

Solar PV | Jordan | Technical due diligence | Construction monitoring

Shams Ma’an solar PV plant

January 12, 2017

SgurrEnergy provided technical due diligence services to Mizuho Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI) and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), the financiers of one of Jordan’s largest solar PV developments.

Client: Consortium of lenders
Location: Jordan
Capacity: 52.5MW
Service: Due diligence and construction monitoring

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SgurrOptimiser | Grid curtailment | Asset management

Dunmore wind farm optimisation

November 22, 2016

Capital Dynamics appointed SgurrEnergy to manage the Dunmore wind farm asset.  The operational monitoring of the project revealed that grid curtailment, which is relatively common in this part of the network, was not being optimally managed therefore production and revenue potential were not being maximised.

Client: Capital Dynamics
Location: Northern Ireland
Size: 21MW
Service: SgurrOptimiser – grid curtailment optimisation

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Largs harbour

Sustainability assessment | Wave & tidal | Marine

Sustainable harbours project

July 20, 2016

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd. (CMAL) appointed SgurrEnergy to advise on the creation of a sustainable harbour environment, for their ports, using the integration of suitable renewable energy technologies.

Client: Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL)
Location: Scotland
Service: Research into suitable renewable technologies for creation of sustainable harbour environment

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Feasibility study | Pre-feasibility study | Low carbon | Site assessment

The Crown Estate low carbon project

July 18, 2016

SgurrEnergy was appointed by The Crown Estate to complete feasibility studies on their Low Carbon Project in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University.

Client: The Crown Estate
Location: Scotland
Service: Feasibility study

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Rampion offshore

Independent technical advisor | Construction review | Risk assessment | Technology review | Energy yield assessment

Rampion offshore wind farm

June 17, 2016

Enbridge appointed SgurrEnergy as independent technical advisor to guide them through their first venture into the offshore wind market.

Client: Enbridge
Location: English Channel
Size: 400MW
Service: Due diligence

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Onshore wind turbine

Lender's technical advisor | Financial close | Energy yield analysis | Canada

Zero Emissions Developments wind farm portfolio

June 16, 2016

SgurrEnergy was engaged by InstarAGF Asset Management Inc. to provide a lender’s technical due diligence (TDD) review for the Zero Emissions Developments (ZED) wind farm portfolio.

Client: InstarAGF Asset Management Inc.
Location: Canada
Size: 30MW
Service: Lender’s technical due diligence

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wind farm with snowy hills in background

Owner's engineer | Technical due diligence | Energy yield assessment | Construction monitoring | Commissioning monitoring | USA

Latigo onshore wind farm

SgurrEnergy was engaged to provide owner’s engineer and technical due diligence services for the Latigo wind farm situated along the foothills of the Abajo Mountains in Utah.

Client: sPower
Location: Utah, USA
Capacity: 60MW
Service: Owner’s engineer, technical due diligence

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Offshore wind turbine

Lenders' technical advisor | Financial close | Construction monitoring | Operational monitoring

Beatrice offshore wind farm

June 3, 2016

SgurrEnergy successfully guided the lenders for Beatrice offshore wind farm to financial close and will subsequently provide construction monitoring services through to construction completion.

Client: Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd.
Location: Moray Firth, Scotland
Capacity: 588MW
Service: Lenders’ technical advisor, construction monitoring, operations monitoring

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Onshore wind turbine

Lenders' technical advisor | Pre-construction | Canada | Financial model review | Energy yield review

Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n wind farm

June 1, 2016

SgurrEnergy was engaged by developer Innergex Renewable Energy on behalf of the project underwriters (National Bank Financial Inc. and Sun Life Assurance Company) to act as lender’s technical advisor for the Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n wind farm.

Client: National Bank Financial Inc.
Location: Quebec, Canada
Capacity: 149.25MW
Service: Lender’s technical advisor

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