SgurrEnergy secures MeyGen asset management contract

SgurrEnergy, part of Wood Group’s clean energy business, has been awarded the asset management contract for Phase 1a of MeyGen’s tidal energy project for four 1.5MW tidal turbines in the Ness of Quoys located in Caithness, Scotland.

After providing ongoing engineering expertise on the same site, the leading renewable energy consultancy was selected by Atlantis Resources, the developer and major shareholder of the MeyGen project, to provide ongoing support for the project. The latest contract will see SgurrEnergy acting as the site operations contractor initially providing National Grid Control Point services, with the option for expanding services to include remote operational monitoring, control and reporting, for the tidal turbines of the MeyGen site in the future.

The company will provide the services from its newly upgraded SgurrControlCentre in Glasgow, which is manned by a team of operational controllers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, and will utilise its SgurrPerformance product to provide up-to-date analysis and key information for the offshore assets.

David Taaffe, director of project delivery at Atlantis Resources, said: “We have appointed SgurrEnergy to manage this aspect of the project as we were impressed with their commitment to developing their control centre in Glasgow, their depth of knowledge relating to the project, and the level of expertise that they have previously shown.”

Robbie Gibson, director of asset management at SgurrEnergy, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the asset management contract for this phase of the MeyGen tidal energy project.

“We have strongly focused on enhancing and expanding our asset management service offering in the last few years and this contract win is testament to the high-quality service offered by our asset management team. We look forward to working closely with MeyGen to ensure the effective and efficient management of the asset.”

MeyGen is a ground-breaking 398MW tidal energy project that will generate clean, predictable, green electricity and position Scotland as the world leader in marine energy generation. Phase 1 of the MeyGen project has been consented to a maximum aggregated rated capacity of 86MW and is proposed to be built out in three sub-phases: Phase 1a, Phase 1b and Phase 1c.

Located in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth, just off the Scottish Caithness coastline, Phase 1a of the project generated first power to the grid in November 2016.